Using Brand Strength for governance and brand planning


The Allianz brand plays a crucial role in our ability to compete in global business. It sets us apart from competition, which provides us with a long-term advantage.

Michael Diekmann
Former CEO, Allianz


Office: Cologne

With a new brand positioning, Allianz restructured its global brand governance approach with one goal: To drive global efficiency and local effectiveness of its brand and marketing.

The global lead agency model was abandoned to give local markets sufficient flexibility. With a business strategy leaning on global presence, the increased level of autonomy in the respective markets needs to be based upon transparency, collaboration and joint goals.

The Brand Strength framework, part of 厂妹视频鈥檚 brand valuation methodology, was introduced as a common language for brand performance planning, brand steering and collaboration between the global and local marketing and brand teams, and numerous agency partners. The framework:

  • Provides common goals and commitments enabling joint marketing planning and creating and assessing brand activation
  • Provides communication triggers between global headquarters and local organizational entities (e.g. performance improvement workshops)
  • Sets goals and frames joint innovation and ideation

Customers are prepared to pay for high-quality services provided by a strong brand. Without it, we can only compete on price and distribution.

Michael Diekmann
Former CEO, Allianz

Our brand is one of the greatest assets we share as a Group. It is essential that we use it carefully and consistently in all sectors we serve.

Michael Diekmann
Former CEO, Allianz

In a first step, a deep dive assessment of the Brand Strength Scores across 32 markets and two business lines was performed to gain a zero-measurement based on existing data. Brand performance and insights were summarized in individual country profiles.

During workshops, the framework, mindset and country performance was introduced and discussed. By activating their local teams, Brand Strength has become the glue across the various Allianz brand governance workstreams.