HP: From Hardware Giant to AI-Powered Solutions and Services Innovator

Vikrant Batra
Global Chief Marketing Officer HP

Evolution is the name of the game for the world鈥檚 leading PC and Printer manufacturer HP. 

HP Inc. has started the process of transitioning from its long-standing hardware-focus to a solutions and services-oriented company, extending beyond its B2B origins yet always carrying the brand鈥檚 classic spirit of innovation. 

Another  evolution that begun is , venturing toward . Described by Global CMO of HP Inc. Vikrant Batra as a “tectonic shift in terms of hardware,” this initiative promises the next generation of local inferencing security, privacy and speed amongst other advantages for users.  

But HP isn鈥檛 just integrating AI into its devices; the technology giant is making generative AI a key part of the way it operates as a company. Nowhere is that more relevant than in HP鈥檚 global marketing team. Under Batra鈥檚 leadership, HP Marketing has launched a comprehensive program to integrate AI into every aspect of the marketing process. These efforts include automating routine tasks and using AI for content creation and adaptation, media planning and buying, and improving insights and analysis to optimize performance. AI is transforming the way the company markets its products and services and unleashing the human potential of the 1300-person global team, which will free them up to be even more strategic and creative.  

鈥淲e have a plan in place in the next three years to take out at least 40% to 55% of time spent on Marketing tasks using AI,鈥 Batra said. 

This transition signifies HP’s commitment to creating an experience that enhances individual human intelligence on a personalized level, setting the stage for substantial advancements in the coming years. 

HP Marketing鈥檚 67 current AI pilots, ranging from content copywriting and lifestyle imagery to dynamic content optimization and process transformations, are poised to revolutionize product launches with a groundbreaking marketing toolkit. According to Batra, content development for product introduction timelines will drastically shorten from over 6 weeks to just 48 hours. HP has launched these pilots across the full marketing stack, optimizing media and search processes with cutting-edge machine learning and generative AI models, positioning the company as a pioneer in marketing innovation. As always, however, the company is focused on innovating responsibly and in a way that aligns with its values.  

As an 80-year-old company, HP鈥檚 deeply ingrained values influence every aspect of its daily operations. The company鈥檚 ongoing transformation emphasizes technological improvements while simultaneously upholding its ethical framework, reinforcing human quality control process and educating AI models to embody the brand’s unique language and core values. – especially in areas like privacy and security – remains a cornerstone of its operations. 

鈥淲e are positioned to be the most just and sustainable company,鈥 Batra said, 鈥渁nd going forward, from a brand responsibility perspective, that translates into AI in a big way.鈥 

Integrating AI isn鈥檛 the only area where HP Marketing is driving innovation. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve and breaking through the noise becomes more challenging, HP recognizes that brand storytelling is paramount for connecting with consumers. In an era where traditional branding opportunities are dwindling, brands need to find new ways to connect with their audiences and that means integrating into the narratives that consumers consume. According to Batra, genuine and meaningful partnerships with communities, reflecting brand values in storytelling and delivering content that people genuinely want to talk about, will define the future of brand marketing.  

鈥淎 story, when well told in this new format, makes up for millions of dollars of media spend,鈥 Batra said. 

HP’s collaboration with ), owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, extends beyond a traditional sponsorship, focusing on community impact and brand storytelling. As the global technology partner of the Welsh club, HP enhances fan experiences with high-performance tech while also striving to connect with consumers in authentic ways. You could see the HP logo on Wrexham AFC’s matchday shirt sleeves starting in the 2023-24 season, including during their exciting ‘USA Invasion’ 2023 Summer tour. 

As traditional business and marketing practices are turned on their head and new opportunities for brand expansion arise, HP continues to evolve at speed, combining tech and storytelling in a uniquely authentic way. 

鈥淚 believe that when you genuinely make the brand a part of the story, you start to build a brand in one of the only ways that’s going to be left,鈥 Batra said. 

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