Anything but Square


Federation Square

Since 2002, Fed Square has been the beating heart of Melbourne. It鈥檚 an iconic destination and a gateway to the city. A place to connect with each other, events, and the world. It’s a cultural hub in Australia’s cultural capital. 

By 2019, it had been voted one of the world鈥檚 ugliest buildings. Won numerous architecture awards. Achieved heritage status. And welcomed tens of millions of visitors. 

The future was full of possibility and promise鈥ut the brand was in a state of flux.  

There was disharmony between two focal points: its arts and culture purpose and the practical need to make revenue.  

Fed Square’s role in the community was unclear. People passed through instead of spending meaningful time there. And the brand lacked the flex to express itself fully.

Our task was to develop a brand strategy and new identity; to bring visitors to the Square, and treat them to an experience when they got there.  

The solution needed to maintain the destination鈥檚 local and global appeal and balance the sometimes competing civic, cultural, and commercial priorities. 

We worked closely with the Fed Square team to develop the new identity, strategy, and experience plan. 

A new brand promise, ‘Kaleidoscope of Experiences鈥, celebrates what makes the Square special. It guarantees a colourful and constantly shifting calendar of events. A place where art, sports, and ideas are brought together in new, weird and wonderful ways. And where visitors never see the same thing twice but always feel connected to their Square.   

A brand inspired by Fed Square鈥檚 unique fractal facade.

To bring that promise to life, the town square like no other needed a brand like no other. So we created an identity that was 鈥楢nything but Square鈥, with the flexibility to showcase the plethora of voices and experiences within Fed Square. 
The new brand is underpinned by the Dynamic Square, a platform inspired by Fed Square鈥檚 unique fractal facade and striking architecture. And because it’s a place that never sits still, the platform is built to morph and move鈥攃apturing the joy and energy sparked by the diversity on offer at Melbourne鈥檚 cultural hub. 
By doubling down on different at every angle, the new Fed Square brand can proudly tell its unique story and invite people the world over to be a part of it. 

Knot a Square sculpture by Cyril Lancelin. Photography by Liam Neal.

鈥淔ed Square is a globally iconic destination and Melbourne鈥檚 gathering place, where visitors are immersed in unique cultural experiences and architecture that celebrate Victoria鈥檚 rich heritage and identity.

As a result, our brand needs to inspire, engage and celebrate our community. And our new identity does just that. It鈥檚 reflected in our program of events and offerings too.鈥   

Suzana Bishop, Chief Experience Officer