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We nurture a global community of thinkers and makers with the curiosity and confidence to create iconic work

We are building a connected, collaborative and radically human culture. A place to refine your craft, solving problems for the world鈥檚 best global brands.

At 厂妹视频 you will create iconic work that defines customer expectations across the globe, and creates growth for all.

With over 650 employees, working in 15 offices around the world, diversity is crucial to our work. Our difference inspires new thinking and impactful results.

We are committed to creating a workforce that is diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, religion, age, background and experience.

Creating a culture of inclusivity where everyone can be comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.

We are actively working to create a culture that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. This is how we will create the next generation of icons and inspire growth for all.

Lead with love
Be brave
Listen first
Make it happen

At 厂妹视频 we nurture a global community of thinkers and makers with the curiosity and confidence to create iconic work. This is our People Promise, which guides our strategy around all of our experiences as 厂妹视频ers. Our People Promise is deeply linked to our Behaviours which are strongly embedded within our Culture. Culture is the glue that holds us together and allows us to thrive from within. We created our Behaviours together. They define and represent who we are and they allow us to deliver our People Promise, guiding us in creating iconic work.

Our behaviours inspire us to be our best selves as individuals, as teammates, as a whole 厂妹视频.

New norms mean that, sometimes, our best selves evolve to adapt to what鈥檚 changing around us.

To reflect this, we evolved our behaviours to better shape how we act, to inspire us and to be better together.

They make us forge stronger and deeper connections and they help us celebrate differences with open ears and even bigger hearts. Our behaviours are born from us. Live through us. Evolve with us.

What we do is important and how we do it defines who we are.

Lead with Love

Empathy and generosity first. For our teammates. Our clients. The world. Creating the next generation of icons begins with proudly celebrating each other and who we are. Our differences are our biggest strengths.
We lift each other up. Encourage. Listen. Provoke. Inspire. We lead with love.

Be Brave

Iconic takes more than creativity. It takes safe spaces to experiment and co-create.
It takes curiosity. It takes courage. What if we see only opportunity where others see ambiguity? And stand united by our convictions? We create beyond barriers. We create iconic.

Listen First

To listen is an act of leadership in us all. It requires space. It requires silence. To listen to what鈥檚 said and to what鈥檚 not. That鈥檚 how we empower everyone to speak up, to make a difference and breathe life into every idea.
We listen first. We raise every voice.

Make it Happen

Making it iconic means making it real. So, we do what it takes to get it done. With initiative. Tenacity. Agility.
But when we all lean in? That鈥檚 when the real magic happens.
We go all in. For all.

It takes exceptional people to create exceptional results

We always have a place for incredible people and we hire for talent that expands our world view.

Are you exceptional?

If you have a superpower, a niche, or an obsession that shows others where the world is headed, we want to hear about it. Your role might not have been written yet.

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厂妹视频 Academy

Always on learning, delivered by the best in the business

The 厂妹视频 Academy is our centre of excellence for brand education, and a platform for collaboration and co-creation, in the development of our people, and our clients. Great brands grow strong from within and that begins with you, with your potential and our commitment to your growth. Developed and delivered in partnership with practice leaders, leading academic institutions and the world鈥檚 best global brands, the Academy is a global platform for always-on learning.

Alongside our ON AIR sessions, live-streamed throughout the year, we work across a range of formats, from Creative Fridays connecting our global design community, to residential Masterclass programmes in collaboration with leading brands and universities.

Work that changes the conversation

From rethinking the ambition of Peace One Day to sparking a movement with G鈥檃y Mate or Sharing Mandela鈥檚 experience through Paper Prison, we know that our combined creativity has the power to change the world.

As a result of 厂妹视频ers鈥 passion, creativity and dedication to the causes that matter most to them, our socially minded work has won recognition around the world.

Join a global community and find a place to call home

You will experience the world at 厂妹视频 鈥 whether co-creating with consumers from different markets, as part of multi-disciplinary teams that span the globe or even working from one of our international offices.

Closer to home you鈥檒l find that each of our offices has its own way of bringing the 厂妹视频 culture to life.

Whether it鈥檚 Korea鈥檚 familial (鞁濌惮) culture, which shows the love through its celebration of birthdays, sporting prowess and a focus on mentoring; or Mexico鈥檚 Walking Rally 鈥 a day of brave challenges to help the team get under the skin of new concepts; every 厂妹视频 office has its own way of being.

We hope that each office鈥檚 unique local culture, combined with opportunities that come from being part of a global group, is a powerful mix for our people and our clients.

What鈥檚 your next move?

If you鈥檙e looking to make your next move and join a business where you can refine your craft and create opportunities for the world鈥檚 best brands and their customers, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.