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Quest diagnostics

New Quest Diagnostics logo on building exterior

Quest Diagnostics

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70% of healthcare decisions are built on diagnostic tests, yet they are undervalued and seen as 鈥渏ust data鈥 by physicians and providers. As a whole, the industry was trending towards commoditization. Quest Diagnostics wanted to carve out a unique and differentiated position in the marketplace.

Quest was determined to reimagine Diagnostics, and elevate its value in the minds of all audiences.
Extensive research with industry professionals, physicians and patients, revealed that all stakeholders had a similar ask from Quest: 鈥渉elp me understand the issue, make decisions, and take action.鈥

We developed the brand identity to convey the core idea: Quest delivers more than test results, it powers ACTIONS.

The new logo is simple, clean, and precise. It imparts a sense of confidence and focus, while generating energy and movement. The logo maintains the color green, the most prominent existing equity of the old Quest brand, yet the new green is embedded with a spark of illumination.

Before and after Quest Diagnostics logo

A series of 鈥渉ighlighting graphics鈥 form the basis of the identity. Based on a grid, and representing all the data, people and insights that comprise Quest, the shapes scale symmetrically to open up spaces and create a composition that reveals answers. The overall expression is orderly, yet constantly transforming and illuminating.

The new brand reignited excitement internally and fueled new corporate partnerships. As a rollout initiative, brand training and launch events were held around the country. Coinciding with the launch of the brand, Quest opened the 鈥淟ab of the Future,鈥 one of most technologically advanced facilities in the world that brought together expertise from across Quest鈥檚 portfolio under one roof. The physical space of the lab environment removes traditional silos, inspires collaboration among colleagues and the new identity inspires understanding and action.

Branded wall graphics

鈥淲e鈥檙e not just redesigning our brand. We鈥檙e changing how people think about us鈥攁nd diagnostics.鈥

Steve Rusckowski, CEO Quest Diagnostics.

Branded interior office space

Branded vehicle

Visual identity on mobile