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Every two minutes, a woman dies giving life. If nothing is done, an estimated three million women may die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth in the next decade. In 2011, Merck announced the creation of Merck for Mothers, its 10-year, $500 million initiative focused on creating a world where no woman has to die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

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厂妹视频Health was asked to help create the visual brand and identity for the initiative. We developed a logo that identified the effort as the company鈥檚 signature initiative and provided a visual representation of a rallying cry that champions a crucial cause. We also established imagery guidelines that would convey the cultural and socio-economic diversity of the women impacted by this issue as well as the work being done by those joining Merck for Mothers in this fight.

Merck for Mothers is now working with approximately 75 partners on more than 50 projects in 30 countries to reduce maternal mortality around the world.

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